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Underground Power Installation

Underground Power Installation

Overhead & Underground Power Installation

Underground Power Installation through the use of Electric Transmission Lines is becoming more sought after by developers, utility executives, local, state and federal government leaders. Advances in transmission cable technology, wire placement, conduit sizing, grounding methods and directional boring techniques have made underground power lines a more feasible economic reality. While still significantly more expensive than Overhead Installations, an Underground Power Installation provides unique advantages against natural disasters, hostile weather conditions and other types of human interference.

Damage caused by factors such as hurricanes can cripple Overhead Power Lines while Underground Power Lines are mostly immune. That being said there are stark advantages to Overhead Infrastructures such as significantly lower initial cost, ease of locating problems when they do arise and vastly cheaper maintenance costs when damage does occur. The question of which type of infrastructure to choose can be a challenging one but M. Scher’s Electrical Infrastructure Engineers,  Planning & Development Directors, and Project Managers immerse themselves in our clients’ needs and provide smart, economical real world solutions to challenging objectives.

M. Scher & Son Develops & Installs:

Trench Ducts
Duct Banks
Manhole Systems
A Variety of Transmission Line Types Up to & Including 115kv Class
Overhead Power Systems Since The Early 1920s
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