Switchgear System

Industrial Switchgear

Switchgear Installation, Retrofit, Modification & Replacement

The Switchgear is as old as electricity generation and M. Scher has been around almost as long as the Switchgear. A Switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. It is used to de-energize equipment to allow for maintenance and to clear faults downstream. The quality of your Switchgear and its installation is directly linked to the reliability of your electricity supply. M. Scher implements premium Switchgear’s that provide quality and longevity throughout your electrical infrastructure. For more information on switchgears visit the electrical installation wiki

New Switchgear Installation

In today’s market and economy customers seek value without sacrificing quality. M. Scher provides both with the knowledge, experience and dedication to our customers for an economic solution to their needs. Diversified in Low, Medium and High Voltage applications, we can implement New Switchgear Installations, modify existing switchgear systems, or replace and retire aging and unreliable switchgear equipment.

M Scher has experience with all primary Switchgear types to include types utilizing:

Interrupting Fuses
Air Circuit Breaker
Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker
Oil Circuit Breaker
Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Gas (SF6) Circuit Breaker
CO-2 Circuit Breaker
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