Electrical Substations

Offering complete design services by the Industry’s elite and respected Engineers from existing substation modifications to totally new substations. Includes Electrical, Civil, and Environmental Engineering for a complete start to finish project

Substation Design
Substation Modifications
Control System and Control Houses
Equipment Packaging
Substation Construction

Overhead & Underground Power Installations

M. Scher & Son supports a wide variety of styles and types of trench ducts, duct banks, & manhole systems from 120 to 115,000 volts for installation to provide a convenient path for control and power cables.

Trench Ducts
Duct Bank
Manhole Systems
Up To & Including 115kv Class
Overhead Power Systems
Our Government Clients

Interior Power Distribution Systems

M. Scher has a tremendous amount of experience with the installation of power distribution systems. From new interior switchgear, transformers, panel boards and feeders to upgrades, retrofits and replacement of PCB contaminated equipment.

Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Installation
Interior & Exterior Lighting Systems
Emergency Power Generator Installation

Switchgear Installation

Diversified in Low, Medium and High Voltage switchgear applications, we can provide our customer with installations of new, modifications of existing, and replacements for any situation. We provide our customers with economic solutions fitting their needs.

New Switchgear Installation
Transformer Installation
Transformer Retrofit
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Why Choose M. Scher & Son?

Established in 1924, We Provide over 9 Decades of Experience in the Electrical Power System Industry.

We Provide Emergency Response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on systems from 120 volts to 345kv.

Proven Track Record of Excellence Delivering for our Many Government Clients.

M.Scher & Son uses state of the art Equipment with Highly Skilled and Trained Personnel to implement all aspects of your project needs.

Our commitment to Safety is second to none with a record to prove our dedication.

Medium & High Voltage Testing

Equipped with state of the art equipment and highly trained and experienced technicians, M.Scher & Son offers 24/7 emergency fault finding services, high potential testing services, potential ground system testing, & protective calibration & testing.

Fault Finding
High Potential & Ground System Testing
Protective Calibration & Testing

Medium & High Voltage Cable

With a specialized hydraulic underground cable pulling truck, hydraulically fed reel trailers and hydraulic equipped support trucks, M. Scher & Son out shines our competitors in safe, OSHA compliant underground cable installations.

Medium & High Voltage Installation
Medium & High Voltage Cable Splicing
Medium & High Voltage Cable Terminating